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From what age can anyone join the Salisbury Volleyball Club


Where is training held?

The Godolphin School Sports hall, at the back of 'Belamy Lane', click here for the full address

What shall I wear?

For training, any type of suitable sportswear. Tracksuit or jogging bottoms are permitted. You must wear 'fit for purpose' non-marking indoors sports shoes, i.e trainers, running shoes, etc (to avoid injury). Match Shirts will be worn during league games.

Is training limited to men?

Absolutely not, both men and ladies can train & play, along with boys and girls from 14 years of age upwards.

How does the Scoring System work?

When a team doesn’t return the ball, the opposing team will earn a point. Errors also occur when the ball is out of play or when there are violations.

Do I need to have any experience?

No, our coaches will teach you everything you need to know, starting with beginner / basic drills.

What size is the court?

Each side of an indoor court is 9m x 9m

Do I need to purchase Kneepads?

Kneepads are a personal choice. Beginners are recommended to buy a pair, until you are used to diving for the ball, etc, although it is not a necessity.

Why do teams rotate?

Teams rotate so each player can balance their skills in each position and improve on some of their weakest spots in a game. Players must also rotate clockwise around the court, to take their turn at serving.

Can I play for more than one team?

- Within the Salisbury Volleyball Club (SVC), 'yes', if: a). you are in the second or third team, using the WVA "play up" system. b). you are one of four players selected from the first team, using the WVA 'play down' system. - Within the Wiltshire Volleyball Association (WVA), 'no', if you are Registered player for the SVC. - You are more than welcome to join another club / team outside of the Wiltshire Volleyball Association.

Does the Salisbury Volleyball Club have a Junior Session?

There is not a seperate Junior Session, but boys and girls aged 14+ will join the beginners session, until they are good; and strong; enough to join in with adult training. This will be at the discretion of the Head Coach and Chairperson.

Does the Salisbury Volleyball Club play in other leagues?

Yes, we may do.....a decision is made each year, as to whether a team; or teams; is/are entered into a different associations league, for example: a mens team may play in the Hampshire Volleyball Association and a ladies team may play in the Southampton and District Volleyball Association.

Do you play outdoors?

Yes, during the months of June, July & August we play outdoors, for fun (weather permitting). The website, clubs Facebook Group and the Whatsapp Group(s) are updated on the day of play. The club is also represented at various Outdoor Grass Volleyball Tournaments around the UK.

What if I have a medical condition?

All new starters are issued with a Health Questionnaire to complete. It is your responsibility to tell the club secretary and/or head coach if you have a medical condition, that may have a detrimental effect on your training session or match day. If you choose not to inform the secretary or head coach of any medical conditions, then the Salisbury Volleyball Club will not be held liable, should anything happen to you. All information will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Can I come along for one session?

Absolutely. If you are passing through Salisbury on a Thursday night; you just want to try volleyball for the first time; or you simply have nothing else to do; then you are more than welcome to come along.

What are my options if I am visiting the area for a few months?

The Salisbury Volleyball Club welcomes all new members, whether they come along for one session; a few months; or on a permanent basis. We will not treat you any different. All abilities welcome. If you attend during the playing season, and you are of a good standard, you may be asked to join a team.

Who do I need to see on my first night?

The Salisbury Volleyball Club has a dedicated 'New Members Manager', who should come and greet you, explain how the club works, introduces you to the rest of the club members and makes you feel welcome. Click here for more detail.

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